Gold Premium Pool Shares


Gold Premium Pool Shares

Loosing Money in Bank…, 


Start Earn from 5 Year Old Gold Company ‘s Global Gold Sales?? 

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Getting paid from every Single Global Karatbars Cash Gold Sales by Investing one time is an Excited Opportunity especially this time, when the Global Fiat Currencies looking forward to Huge Inflation, and keep money in Bank is getting Risky. 



Since Uk out of Eu, the global fiat currencies start loosing Value…

Karatbars 5 years old German Debt free Gold Company, selling Gold over 120 Countries, let us able to earn their Global Gold sales for one time Purchase! 

Two new income sources for your success. Depending on the Premium package you purchase, you will have access to yet another pool share opportunity.

Excited to own a World Pool Share? Don’t regret this new opportunity! 

Your advantage within the Premium Pools:

30 cents for each sold 0.1g Cashgold Bill will be divided between the new pools. The 30 cents are split as follows: 10 cents to the Premium Pool and 20 cents in the Premium Professional Pool.

While we only produce 0.1 g Cashgold bills at the moment, beginning in October 2016, we will also offer 0.2g, 0.4g, 0.6g, and 1g Cashgold Bills. From the beginning of 2017, there will be available 1g, 2.5g, and 5g Cashgold Bills as well. What does this increase mean for you? More money sent to the Premium Pools!

Because we are so excited about the launch of these Premium Packages, Mr. Harald Seiz has a special bonus for you: until the end of 2016, if you buy a Premium Package you will receive two permanent Premium Pool shares!


With Your Premium Karatbars Packege You going to be upgraded to a Highest Karatbars Affiliate Package automatically with 20% Affiliate Commission. 


Open a free Account today, and check out the Premium Package Inside. If You need help contact me asap! 


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